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Kolding, J., van Zwieten, P. A., Marttin, F., Funge-Smith, S., & Poulain, F. (2019). Freshwater small pelagic fish and fisheries in the main African great lakes and reservoirs in relation to food security and nutrition. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Small pelagic fish species, naturally occurring or introduced to lakes and reservoirs, form some of the most important inland fisheries in Africa and account for the highest volume of inland fishery catches on the continent. The group’s contribution to the inland catch is steadily increasing, along with its role in nutrition and trade. This technical paper reviews the status and importance of inland pelagic fish and fisheries, and small fish in general, for sustainable and healthy livelihoods in Africa. It reviews the biology and biological production of the most important pelagic species in lakes and reservoirs, as well as the impacts of environmental and climatic variation on stocks of these species. It examines and discusses the various capture techniques and the potential for improving the fisheries and associated processing and national and regional trade within Africa. The knowledge generated by the technical paper will be useful for policymakers and development practitioners and enable them to design and implement more effective policies, strategies and programmes that will contribute to reducing the food insecurity and conflicts that currently affect the people of sub-Saharan Africa.

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