Master Thesis Series

A number of Master students linked to our Universities completed their thesis under the SmallFishFood project.

Holford E. (2019) Competing demands for affordable fish – the dagaa industry and Kenyan animal and aquaculture feed industries. MSc thesis University of Amsterdam.

Regtien, A.R. (2019) Fish volume, value and labour flows in the mukene value chain, Ugana. MSc thesis, Wageningen University and Research.

van de Plaat, L. (2019) Challenges in the dagaa supply chain for direct human consumption: a case study of Kisumu, Kenya. MSc thesis, University of Amsterdam.

van de Voort, L. (2019) Access to low priced small fish for livelihood support: a case study on omena trade for local and domestic consumption in Kenya. MSc thesis, University of Amsterdam.

Moxon-Riedlin, S. (2019) From extraction to Factory. Understanding the reductive value chain for Rastrineobola Argentea in Uganda. MSc thesis, University of Amsterdam.